Stay S.A.F.E.

I hope you, your family and friends are safe and well during these incredibly difficult times.

Stay S.A.F.E.

These uncertain times that are impacting upon all our lives. Uncertainty is one of the biggest stressors. ‘Not knowing’ can make us feel like we are in a vacuum.  And being in lockdown/is an additional stress to our systems.

Uncertainty causes a complex cascade of feelings: confusion, worry, fear, frustration, anger, and powerlessness. Helplessness may be particularly difficult to endure. We respond to uncertainty according to our natures: stoical types tend to take it in their stride, bossy types make plans, some become frightened that something dreadful is going to happen while others worry themselves silly.  Fear is in and of itself a virus.

One of the remedies below may be helpful if you find that anxiety or fear are affecting your health. If uncertain which remedy to take, I am offering consultations online.

Argentum nitricum:
Frank panic attacks. Anxious and churning/hurried inside. Feels out of control and hates it. Worried & frightened about what may happen.

Arsenicum album:
Relentless anxiety about the future, about getting sick, about the family. Worries about security, especially financial security.

Anticipates the worst. Dreads any upcoming ordeal. Hearing bad news makes everything worse. Feels anxious about being out of control.
Which Potency? 

The potency doesn’t matter – whatever you have at hand – a 6C or 30C is fine. Take just a few doses – 3 spread over a day.
If it helps DON’T keep taking it.
If it doesn’t help DON’T keep taking it.

Stay S.A.F.E.Keep your immune system—and your spirits—strong. Here are 4 vital building blocks of health and well-being. All 4 are energising and healing in different ways.
Sleep and rest … sleep is deeply healing for every system and organ and cell in your body.
Activities … those that are fun/creative/relaxing … a distraction
Food as nourishing as possible.
Exercise every day – if at all possible twice a day.

Personally, I am trying to keep calm and balanced. It helps to reach out to friends and family via the many platforms available. Restricting the news to once daily works for me, as the constant repetition of sad news affects me negatively.

Exercising also helps, even when it’s hard to self-motivate, it raises the good endorphins. Our neighbourhood has been surprisingly active with opportunities to help others, like cooking for NHS staff. I now have the time to organise the many photos into albums, a long term project. Also, I am still practising, seeing patients online, which gives me purpose.

With sincere wishes for a continued healthy and peaceful time.