Homeopathy = gentle and natural healing – not a quick fix

Homeopathy =  gentle and natural healing – not a quick fix

How does homeopathy work? I often have clients who are surprised when they do not experience immediate results when taking the remedy. They expect homeopathy to act like conventional medicine which fixes the symptoms, often temporarily. In homeopathy we are aiming to eliminate the symptoms as well as treating the root causes or triggers for those symptoms.

Homeopathy will improve your health, mentally, emotionally and physically but you have to understand that it isn’t always a quick fix. It takes time to reach the core of the disturbance to completely change your body or mind’s reactions to those triggers.

Let’s use the analogy of gardening. You wouldn’t expect your seed to grow overnight into a fully grown bush.

Similarly, your health needs regular and consistent care, and by using homeopathy to treat your ailments you are making a long-term investment in your health.

Homeopathy is a gentle mode of healing which aims not only to reduce your symptoms but also to eliminate the triggers that cause the relapses or re-occurrences of your condition.

Having patience with homeopathic treatment in chronic conditions pays off – this from one of my clients, who has several very longstanding conditions. Her main concern was that when she caught a cold, she would invariably end up with a chest infection, be on at least two different antibiotics and be ill for 3 weeks. After several months of regular homeopathic treatment, that winter her cold did not go down to her chest, and she had no need of antibiotics.

Another client, who understood the need for consistent treatment, had a monthly consultation for 8 months until her very irregular and very spaced out periods were in tune with a 28-30 day cycle. She continued to see me to resolve other longstanding emotional issues.

In conclusion, the longer and more severely you have been suffering from a condition, allow more time to completely resolve it with homeopathy. Homeopathy will effect change, layer by layer, just like peeling an onion, all the while aiming to reach the core of your ailment.

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I leave you with this wonderful quote from the philosopher Thomas Carlyle;

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.