Breast Cancer Side Effects

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer (Stage 3) I came to see you, as you had been recommended by friends. I could not have hoped for the kind of support you offered me.  You have been more than my homeopath. You have been my counsellor, my friend, my shoulder, and my homeopath. You gave me the strength to get through each challenge and I know you made the journey easier for me. I met many ladies going through the same or similar treatments as myself and saw that without the help of homeopathy to relieve the horrific symptoms that surgery and worse still chemotherapy create/cause, the ordeal was so much worse for them.”Thank you” doesn’t even come close to saying what I would like to say but I can’t think of any other words to express my gratitude. You haven’t heard the last from me as I will be in constant touch, seeking help and remedies for all our family’s ailments in the future.