Heart Palpitations, Anxiety, Children’s Sleep Problems, Allergies

What a priceless gift health is. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given this
opportunity to explore my health with Danielle.
I had heart palpitations, anxiety and other health issues and the treatment had
significant effect.
My anxiety and constant pain in my chest is gone now.
I feel much stronger within myself and much more present, optimistic and centered.
My children had sleep problems and multiple allergies and were offered long term
medication to stabilise their conditions, not being very keen on life-long medication
I sought an alternative and luckily found Danielle.
Danielle has a very perceptive nature which enables her to explore the whole person
in depth and find the homeopathic remedy needed.
We will continue our treatment with Danielle., thank you so much for your help.

Stress management, hair thickness

I have worked with Danielle for around 6 months. My reason for seeking a homeopath was to improve the thickness of my hair and also to better manage my stress and anxiety levels. Danielle’s remedies and our monthly meetings have really made a difference. Her calm, nurturing, non judgemental approach make her really easy to talk to and I have seen a vast improvement in the levelling out of my moods and ability to cope with a busy family/working life, plus my hair has seen an improvement. I would highly recommend Danielle for any one looking for an experienced knowledgeable homeopath.

PCOS & irregular periods, Stress Management

I’ve only been seeing Danielle for six months, but she has made such a difference to my overall health and quality of life. I originally reached out for help with stress management and poor sleep however, after my initial consultation where I mentioned I was also experiencing irregular periods and struggling to conceive Danielle has worked closely with me to regulate my periods. During this time, I was also diagnosed with PCOS and I was so grateful to have Danielle’s support and assistance on this journey. I can now say my periods are regular, my mood and PCOS symptoms have improved, and I’ve been sleeping better than ever. I feel like a new person and in the best place I can be health wise to conceive. I’ve always been a big believer in homeopathy, but Danielle has exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Danielle!

PMS symptoms

Danielle has treated me for PMS. Prior to seeing her, I was having mood swings, headaches, painful periods, irritability, bloatiness and heavy bleedings since I can remember. About 3 months ago I decided I give homeopathy a go. The remedies started to work straight away and now 3 months later I can say I’m having a normal day on any day in the month.  Thank you, Danielle!


Danielle was a huge help to me, made me feel completely comfortable and I could really feel her caring about what I needed help with. Throughout working with Danielle, she was very personable and listened to my thoughts, adapting to them how she felt necessary, and it worked! Outside of my reasoning for seeking Danielle’s help, I also reached out to her between appointments after been hit with a huge bit of tonsilitis, she replied to my emails promptly, working with me to find the perfect remedy, which worked amazingly well and definitely shortened the time I was suffering by a huge amount!


I can’t thank Danielle enough and would recommend Danielle to anyone!

Various complaints

I have been seeing Danielle for around 10 years and she never ceases to amaze me. Not that I have had ongoing conditions for that time but for whatever niggle, big or small, physical or emotional; due to her vast expanse of knowledge of not just homeopathy but of me she is able to hit the nail on the head every time with even the simplest of information. She is indispensable to me.
(She also has tickled my own interest in homeopathy and has been somewhat of a muse)

Severe Anxiety

Danielle saw my 7-year old daughter who was suffering from severe anxiety. She was afraid to eat for fear of choking. It included fear of falling asleep and fear of separation. Danielle gave her some remedies and within 2 days she was calm and back to her normal self! She also gave me a remedy to help me deal with the stress which worked wonders.


‘Danielle a bien su cerner la personnalité de mon enfant qui souffre d’eczéma. J’ai apprecié l’approche de cette professionelle, son expérience, et sa capacité à écouter et comprendre un enfant. Aussi tres appreciée la mesure du temps donné au traitement, je recherche une solution sur le long terme et fait pleinement confiance à Danielle qui désormais suit ma fille, qui elle la première a pu voir les effets positifs de son traitement homéopathique.

Fertility Treatment

I feel very fortunate to have Danielle as my homeopath. She worked closely with me whilst going through fertility treatment and the remedies she prescribed really helped regulate my periods and stabilise my window of optimum fertility , so much so though that I didn’t have to endure any cancelled IVF cycles due to my cycles being irregular. There were also remedies for my emotional well-being as well which I found a great help. I should emphasise though that it’s not all about the remedies, it’s the wonderful support and empathy I received from this very caring and knowledgeable practitioner. Now that I am 8 months pregnant I continue to use Danielle and her remedies to help me through the various less desirable pregnancy side effects

Immune Support

I went to see Danielle to strengthen my immune system before and during my radio- and chemotherapy. She did that by giving me personalised medication, also brought back my worsening kidney functions into the normal range during my treatments. I can’t thank you enough Danielle!