The moon and homeopathy

Lunatic (crazy) comes from the Latin ‘lunaticus ‘or ‘moonstruck’.  Folklore has us all affected by the moon’s phases, but more recent scientific research has noted that more outdoor criminal activity takes place at the full moon. Moreover, there is a clear relationship between the change in the moon’s gravitational pull and bi-polar patients’ manic-depressive cycles.

Women’s menstrual cycles can also be influenced by the moon’s cycle, and many cultures have associated them with fertility.

In my practice, I am regularly told that ‘my period always starts on the full moon’, a characteristic symptom which I include to narrow down the remedy I shall eventually prescribe.

In other cases, the advent of the full moon affects some so negatively that they dread the monthly depression, paranoia or insomnia.

Homeopathic treatment has greatly helped those suffering from symptoms before or during the full moon.

Homeopathic treatment is holistic and individualised and as such remedies will differ according to a person’s totality of symptoms.

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Homeopathy isn’t ‘magic’, but its results are!

Homeopathy isn’t ‘magic’, but its results are!

10am woke up with this ‘pussy’ stye

Take Pulsatilla 30c, repeat in 2 hours, and let me know how you are

7 pm It’s MAGIC! It’s almost gone!

Homeopathy isn’t magic, though its results are when correctly prescribed. Knowing the person you are prescribing for helps, as them having their own kit to not to have to wait to receive a remedy.

There is more than one remedy to resolve a stye quickly. As homeopathy is a holistic and individualised treatment, consult a qualified homeopath to attain the best results.

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