Coughs – Homeopathy Awareness Week

Coughs – Homeopathy Awareness Week

I would like to share a few useful homeopathic remedies to resolve coughs.
There are many cough remedies, however, these three seem to be quite helpful in the types of coughs people are currently experiencing.

BRYONIA is number 1 for a dry hacking cough, with a painful chest whilst coughing. The person is very irritable, feels worse for any movement or being disturbed, they want to be left alone. Lips and throat are dry.

Dosage: take 1 pill of Bryonia every 15 minutes and assess if there is any difference in the intensity or frequency of the cough or improvement in general wellbeing. If in doubt, contact your homeopath.

A couple of other remedies that are currently helping people are firstly ANTIMONIUM TART
for loose coughs with a chest that ‘rattles’ and difficulty bringing up the mucous. The person is exhausted, chilly and pale.

PHOSPHORUS is of use in those with a tight chest, where the cough is worse for talking or laughing; they are thirsty for gulps of cold drinks, prefer company and might be quite ill though not showing it.

Whilst these particular remedies are likely to be helpful, it is best to have a homeopath work out the one that best suits your symptoms.
Just a reminder that in homeopathy we treat the person, not the named disease. Homeopathy helps you to heal yourself.