Anxiety – Homeopathy Awareness week

Homeopathy Awareness Week

We are currently overwhelmingly pre-occupied with Coronavirus. Coping with the psychological effects of physical distancing and self-isolation can be difficult. I would encourage you to do everything the government and health authorities are recommending to stay as well as you can. In addition, here are a few homeopathic remedies that could help.

If you are experiencing a lot of anxiety, are restless, getting fussier and worried about germs, ARSENICUM ALBUM would be a good remedy to take.

Are you very anxious about upcoming engagements or commitments and feel anxiety in the pit of your stomach, then ARGENTUM NITRICUM could allay those feelings.

If you are feeling shaky, weak and lethargic, you could try GELSEMIUM.

Whilst these particular remedies are likely to be helpful, it is best to have a homeopath work out the one that best suits your symptoms.

The amazing platforms of Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp facilitate my being able to hold online consultations. Do contact me for help with your symptoms.

Just a reminder that in homeopathy we treat the person, not the named disease. Homeopathy helps you to heal yourself.