PMS Symptoms

Danielle has treated me for PMS. Prior to seeing her, I was having mood swings, headaches, painful periods, irritability, bloatiness and heavy bleedings since I can remember. About 3 months ago I decided I give homeopathy a go. The remedies started to work straight away and now 3 months later I can say I’m having a normal day on any day in the month.  Thank you Danielle!

Severe Anxiety

Danielle saw my 7-year old daughter who was suffering from severe anxiety. She was afraid to eat for fear of choking. It included fear of falling asleep and fear of separation. Danielle gave her some remedies and within 2 days she was calm and back to her normal self! She also gave me a remedy to help me deal with the stress which worked wonders.


‘Danielle a bien su cerner la personnalité de mon enfant qui souffre d’eczéma. J’ai apprecié l’approche de cette professionelle, son expérience, et sa capacité à écouter et comprendre un enfant. Aussi tres appreciée la mesure du temps donné au traitement, je recherche une solution sur le long terme et fait pleinement confiance à Danielle qui désormais suit ma fille, qui elle la première a pu voir les effets positifs de son traitement homéopathique.

Fertility Treatment

I feel very fortunate to have Danielle as my homeopath. She worked closely with me whilst going through fertility treatment and the remedies she prescribed really helped regulate my periods and stabilise my window of optimum fertility , so much so though that I didn’t have to endure any cancelled IVF cycles due to my cycles being irregular. There were also remedies for my emotional well-being as well which I found a great help. I should emphasise though that it’s not all about the remedies, it’s the wonderful support and empathy I received from this very caring and knowledgeable practitioner. Now that I am 8 months pregnant I continue to use Danielle and her remedies to help me through the various less desirable pregnancy side effects

Immune Support

I went to see Danielle to strengthen my immune system before and during my radio- and chemotherapy. She did that by giving me personalised medication, also brought back my worsening kidney functions into the normal range during my treatments. I can’t thank you enough Danielle!

Mosquito Bites

When I came to you earlier this year, I was hoping to find a better way to relieve the pain and misery I usually suffer when bitten by mosquitos and midges in the summer.  I love the outdoors and hate being beaten by these tiny creatures.  I admit, that I was a little skeptical but took the remedies you posted me, and carried on with life, then last week it occurred to me.. and I can’t quite believe it.  This year I wasn’t even bitten in the first place.  This can’t be a coincidence !! Thank you so much. I didn’t think it was possible to have such an effect so quickly and easily.  I shall be coming to you first rather than last, the next time my body is complaining/reacting to something and would recommend anyone else do the same.


I am so thankful to Danielle and her homeopathic magic!  I was particularly skeptical about homeopathic remedies but after feeling particularly low and depressed for some time and at my wits end as to how to pull myself out of it I turned to Danielle to see if there is any way that she could help me. After our 3rd session I was feeling miles better and together we made the decision that I could try and stop taking the remedies and see if I could keep my mood and optimism high. For anyone that is skeptical like me I strongly advise just giving it a go as it could be the perfect natural solution.  I’ve heard of homeopathic remedies working for more physical symptoms such as hay fever but really wasn’t sure it could help with something such as depression but I was wrong!

Immune Support

Prior to taking the immunity remedy which Danielle prescribed, I was coming down with frequent colds and chest infections lasting several weeks. My last cold was early December lasting less than a week—which is a marked improvement.

Sleepless Nights

I experienced a period of broken, sleepless nights. Danielle prescribed a remedy to take at night.I am pleased to say that I am now sleeping through and am no longer reliant on the remedy.

Life Transition

3 months after experience a huge life transition, I was experiencing the feeling of profound exhaustion.  No amount of sleep helped this condition.  After speaking to Danielle, she prescribed a once off remedy.  The effect was remarkable, almost instant. I am feeling energised, sleeping well and have a new found sense of clarity.
Thank you Danielle for understanding the symptoms and for working your magic.