Night sweats

I went to see Danielle about having hot flushes and night sweats. After taking a detailed case history with me she prescribed a remedy to take. Almost immediately I felt relief and now I very rarely suffer. I highly recommend Danielle as a caring, compassionate homeopath. Jx

Chilblains relief!

After suffering for years with painfully numb fingertips each winter, poor circulation problems, I found great relief after being treated by you. Thank you for your kind help and great homeopathic skills!! N.E.

severe anxiety

Danielle saw my 7-year old daughter who was suffering from severe anxiety. She was afraid to eat for fear of choking. It included fear of falling asleep and fear of separation. Danielle gave her some remedies and within 2 days she was calm and back to her normal self! She also gave me a remedy to help me deal with the stress which worked wonders. A.U.

Warts and Acne

In the past few years, I have been seeing Danielle for various skin problems that I have had and were re-occurring no matter what treatment I received from doctors. I would go to the doctor frequently to have treatments for the warts on my feet however, these would never completely disappear and after a few weeks, they would be back. After I was treated by Danielle with homeopathy, the problem was settled very quickly and efficiently. She also successfully treated my eczema, the rash had already improved in only a few days.  I would like to thank Danielle very much for the treatment she has given me. AA