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I believe we all need a healthy work-life so I use lots of other practitioners and resources to keep myself well, happy and up-to-date. Here are some you may find useful:

Acupuncture           Monica Daswani | www.northlondonacupuncture.co.uk
Massage                     Kajal Mehta | www.discover-wellbeing.com
Kristina Mendez, KMM Therapies | www.kmmserenitytherapies.co.uk
Mindfulness, Reiki & Reflexology
Nathalie Roth, Nurse Your Tree | www.highgateholisticlinic.com
Jo Tocher | www.jotocherholistics.com

Personal Trainer   Hannah Zussman | The Factory – hzussman@yahoo.co.uk

Alliance of Registered Homeopaths | www.a-r-h.org
Society of Homeopaths | www.homeopathy-soh.org
British Association of Homeopathic Vets |  www.bahvs.com
British Homeopathic Dental Association |www.bhda.co.uk
Coeliac Society | www.coeliac.co.uk
Hyperactive Children’s Support Group |www.hacsg.org.uk

Homeopathic Pharmacies
Ainsworths| www.ainsworths.com
Helios | www.helios.co.uk
Nelsons | www.nelsonshomoeopathy.co.uk

Alternative Health Views
Vaccination Awareness

Positive Health | www.positivehealth.com
Whale | www.whale.to
What Doctors Don’t Tell You | www.wddty.com

Insurance companies covering Homeopathic/Allergy Testing Treatment
CIGNA UK | www.cigna.co.uk
Civil Service Healthcare | www.cshealthcare.co.uk
First Assist Insurance Services Limited | www.firstassist.co.uk
Health Shield | www.healthshield.co.uk
Medisure | www.medisure.co.uk
Patient Aid Association | www.paycare.org
Pinnacle PLC | www.pinnacle.co.uk
Saga | www.saga.co.uk
Standard Life Health Care | www.privatemedicalhealthinsurance.org.uk/standardlife.html
Westfield Healthcare www.westfieldhealth.com

Please note: inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement of the website or organisation

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